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Project K Group is a management company engaged in the businesses of Ecommerce, consumer products, education, events marketing and software solutions.


To be the customers’ choice.

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To build enduring brands of tomorrow.


To provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of our customers, now and for generations to come. As a result, our customers will reward us with leadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.


Ivan Ong

CEO, Co-Founder

Ivan started out as a solo affiliate marketer since 2007. Following his success in affiliate marketing, Ivan was approached by many to learn his methodology, which led him to become a public speaker and coach.

Ivan went on to list his company on ASX and raised a total of AUD14mil. Ivan served as Executive Director on the board of directors for 3 years before exiting to pursue his passion in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.

Having generated over US$100m online sales in the last decade of his entrepreneurial journey, Ivan has amassed vast experience and knowledge in the digital marketing arena. In 2017, Ivan co-founded the group’s first consumer product brand. Under Ivan’s leadership as CEO, the brand has since grown to become an 8-figure brand with presence in 12 countries. He has since been invited to speak at numerous esteemed Conferences and Masterminds to share about his entrepreneurial success around the globe, including the USA, Canada, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Jane Neo

Executive Director, Co-Founder

Jane started off her career in banking and later moved on to real estate. During the 2 years in real estate, she was recognised as the top 5%, by one of the top 3 real estate agencies in Singapore. With her strong background in direct sales and online marketing, she joined as the group’s managing director in the events and seminar division in 2013. Since then, she has helped to shape robust systems and processes which enabled the business to scale effectively and regionally within a short period of time.

In 2017, Jane co-founded their first consumer brand, KeaBabies. As brand director, she is responsible for the brand’s strategy, product research to development, content and go-to-market strategy.

She has been featured by Amazon Singapore to celebrate the Success of Women Entrepreneurs. Jane is committed on the long-term success of the group with focus on customer experience and value creation to its stakeholders.

Wong Phin

Manager, Group Finance & Administration

Wong Phin joined the group since 2018 and is responsible for group’s financial reporting, strategic analysis, corporate secretarial and providing key inputs for major business decisions.

Prior to his role, Wong Phin was a senior auditor with over 5 years of professional experience in corporate audit, financial reporting and accounting across various sectors.

Besides heading the Finance Team, he is also involved in group restructuring, consolidation and global business expansion, which allowed him to gain firsthand exposure to cross-countries policies on company incorporation, taxation and secretarial matters.

Niko Chong

General Manager, Digimatic Media

Niko has been appointed General Manager since January 2021. Currently, she is spearheading the digital transformation of the group’s education and events business.

Over the course of her career, she has organized multiple wildly successful live events with over 1000 participants across the region. With her long-standing experience, she has honed her organisational and operational skills to an exceptional level of finesse, making her highly sought after in this industry. Working alongside top renowned speakers and trainers, she has been able to consistently meet their demanding expectations while delivering the best value and experience to the customers.

Ng Ding Neng

Head of Marketing, Digimatic Media

Ding Neng graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics. During his university days, he helped small businesses multiply their customer outreach by building and ranking their online presence on top pages in search engines.

Since joining Digimatic Media, he has helped groom a great team of passionate digital marketers, and scaling the company’s business to new heights. With strategic planning and execution of various digital marketing strategies, he has generated high converting leads and positive ROI for many business partners/clients in a highly competitive and ever-changing domain.

Edmund Toh

Head of Business Development, Digimatic Media

Having a strong passion in entrepreneurship, Edmund started his entrepreneurial journey from his early days. Being a strategist by nature, he has successfully created and scaled multiple 7 figures to 8 figures businesses throughout his journey.

In 2007, Edmund joined the wealth creation and personal development education industry. With his extensive network and experience in crafting top-notch business strategies, he has created countless win-win joint ventures with several top industry experts while connecting their knowledge to the masses and changing lives around the world.

Leslie Chong

CEO, Co-Founder, Webbynomics

Leslie graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Bachelor in Engineering (Hons). Started off his career in corporate finance, then his foray into entrepreneurship.

He found his foothold in online performance marketing and has been invited to esteemed conferences in USA and Europe to share his experiences. In 2016, the booming Ecommerce industry has led Leslie to pivot his business strategies. Together with his partner, they launched their first home and kitchen brand online, raking in over US$2 million sales.

In 2017, noticing a gap in educational toy selection, they launched their 2nd brand, grossing an astonishing 7 figures sales a year within a short span of time. Within the same year, they have also ventured into the education sector. Since then, more than 3000 students have benefitted from their Ecommerce experience.

Daniel Lai

CTO, Co-Founder, Webbynomics

Driven by the mission to empower individuals and businesses, Daniel has been in the forefront of driving innovations and delivering real-time skillsets in the Ecommerce space.

Together with his partner, they co-founded multiple Eccommerce brands which have consistently delivered 7 figure annual sales since 2017.

Daniel devotes majority of his time in the education sector of the business and is the Principal Trainer at The Five Star Seller Academy, Singapore’s leading Ecommerce training academy with an active cohort of over 3000 sellers across 5 major cities.

Daniel is also the lead spokesperson for the company’s Ecommerce software technologies which equip Ecommerce sellers with the best tools to scale their businesses effectively in the shortest possible time.

Luke Lim

CEO, Founder, Scale Insights

Luke graduated with a first-class honors degree in Information Technology. He started off his career as a software engineer, tapping on technologies like machine learning and big data. In 2013, he ventured into internet marketing part-time, generating 7 figure revenue in 2 years while working a full-time job.

With his result, Luke has been invited to speak at over 10 business training conferences to share his business insights in countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. In 2015, he started an e-commerce business full time, generating 5 million USD in sales, and launched 3 brands and 19 products in the USA in 3 years.

He has also developed a SAAS solution that has processed over 9 million orders, $167 million in revenue, helping over 100 brand owners scale their e-commerce businesses around the globe.


No big achievements springs from individuals. It always takes a whole team to make something great happen.