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What We Do

Webbynomics means digital economics. As our name suggest, Webbynomics is founded based on the goal of being a powerhouse in online commerce. Webbynomics has three main pillars of businesses which includes education, Ecommerce related software and retailing of consumer products online. The three pillar supports and create synergistically growth effect on one another. In all three businesses, our goal is to provide value-added products and services for our customers and users.

Why We Do

Webbynomics strives at the frontline of Ecommerce best practices and technology. We constantly innovate and create strategies/tools to gain the competitive edge in our online retail sales, at the same time, our customers are able to enjoy better value-added products.
By walking the talk, our courses participants are being taught these effective up-to-date strategies and best practices.


USA, Singapore, Malaysia

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