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Project K

Project K Group provides management and consultancy services to the group’s subsidiaries. Project K also leases and manages commercial and industrial properties.

USA, Singapore, Hong Kong


KeaWorld builds enduring consumer product brands. Committed to making simple everyday products into a wonderful experience, providing the world’s consumers with branded products of superior quality and value.

Singapore, Malaysia

Digimatic Media

Digimatic Media specializes in leads generation and outreaching to the new generation of consumers through powerful digital marketing contents and funnels. We also co-organise events, seminars and workshops with our business partners.

Singapore, Malaysia


Webbynomics has three main pillars of businesses which includes education, Ecommerce related software and retailing of consumer products online. The three pillar supports and create synergistically growth effect on one another.

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Scale Insights

Scale Insights is at the forefront of Ecommerce automation in helping brand owners scale their Ecommerce business internationally on Amazon.com. Developed, tested and used by 7- and 8-figure Amazon sellers, this revolutionary software uses cutting-edge proprietary technology, coupled with advanced advertising strategies and elaborate data analysis to allow brand owners to bring automation to the next level, boosting revenue with every advertising dollar spent.